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Happy National Cocktail Day!

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Who knew today was National Cocktail Day?  I celebrated a day early with a delicious OFOF (Old Forester Old Fashioned) last night made by a talented fellow named Dan, a Brown Forman representative.




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I’ll drink to that!  
This cocktail was originally called “The Transatlantic Giant”.  But, that name did not nearly capture the depth, complexity, power, and just plain Scrumdiddlyumptiousness of this concoction!  So, it was rebranded by a group of SBers at the SB Spring Sampler Cookout hammered on TANSTAAFL2 cocktails as…“THESMOKINMUTHAFUCKINJOE!”🤣




1.5 oz Bourbon (JB SB 106 pr tonight)

.5 oz White Creme de Cacao

.5 oz Plymouth Sloe Gin

.5 oz Smith & Cross Rum

.5 oz Cynar 

Angostura bitters

Shake with ice, serve up in a coupe.  

Garnish of orange 


Happy National Cocktail Day!  





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