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The ebbs and flows of hobbies....is there a consistency among whiskey aficianados?

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So trying to think about other hobbies, I used to collect vintage Star Wars toys.  I had this idea that one day I would have glass display cabinets with the right kind of lighting that would allow me to put on display the best pieces without damaging them.  I started collecting those because of all of the fond memories I had as a child playing with the Kenner Star Wars toys, although when I started acquiring them (late 90s) I really couldn't afford it - and had to stop after only a couple of years of purchasing.  Preparing to move, I decided that if I hadn't displayed them in 18 years - likely wasn't going to happen, so sold them all - and am using some of the proceeds for stupid whiskey ;) 

On whiskey, my purchasing pace has definitely slowed down.  I've sold a handful (one hand, < 5) bottles for different reasons, and mostly have slowed down on the purchase front since I don't have as much room (although moving affords new/exciting opportunities?) and most of the new stuff doesn't excite me.  I know (for the most part) what I like, and am more selective in my purchasing.  I still have almost as many open bottles as I do sealed, and want to knock the open down - but I won't refuse to buy until that happens if the right bottle presents itself.

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I seem to get back in to it for about two years and then ease off for about two years. Been this way for over a decade. I dunno why but sometimes I get stoked over tasting bourbons and sometimes I am mostly sober.

I have been bodybuilding as a hobby for five months now so I was laying off the booze for a bit to help my muskles grow better.

Is there a protein bourbon?

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