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Barrel King Old Road Spirits. Out of Bourbon Missouri

Craig. C. Hively

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Hi. Everyone. This past week. While looking at various Bourbon, Rye & Whiskeys Reviews. I noticed. Barrel King. The reviews have been Very Favorable. It’s a Monthly Membership Program. Sourced MGP Barrells. Now Ross & Squib. Anyhow. I caught wind. Of Founding Members.  Not really sure who the founding members are. My gut tells me. The guys doing these Over the top Favorable Reviews. Might. Be excited for monetary gains. No Idea. I thought the Membership program was interesting. Curious have any of the Straight Bourbon Members here. Tried any of the Barrel King Releases.  Please. Advise. Your honest opinions. If you have or know someone who has. Trust me. I want not to cause any I’ll feelings. With founding members. Just trying to find out if the Bourbons & Ryes. Are really on same level as BTAC OFFERINGS. CREGGOR

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Founding members are the first members that supported us. When we opened and didn’t have a pot to piss in - we still don’t. We have never paid for an advertisement or review other than $150 Facebook ad boost that wasn’t worth a damn. We turn down 90% of review requests and 95% of sib requests. Yes we have offerings that go toe to toe with BTAC imo and many others. But that’s just my opinion - if you’r in love with Saz and BT  - well love is blind. We are just trying to put out an attainable product that’s consistent while paying our team and ourselves a living wage. We don’t do volume so we are a premium price compared to distributed products. Any questions let me know. I can bring you into our FB group if you behave (;

The ascot awards was our make or break moment. Our first 4 batches done with borrowed power off extension cord  - 4 medals. 

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