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Melbourne FL Trip

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Heading to lovely Melbourne FL for work next week Tuesday thru Friday. Any good stores I should hit while in the area? Looking for bourbon/rye/rum/Irish whiskey in particular.

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15 hours ago, PhantomLamb said:

Heading to lovely Melbourne FL


I have found FL to be consistent (Tampa, Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Panhandle): expensive overall and very hit or miss.  Time permitting, walking into (virtually or in person) FL TW's in the am has paid off well for me (JMCB $170, Gold Spot $125, etc.).  The FL online inventories tend to be pretty accurate except for allocated, those are pretty random, I'd ask in-store.  


I have bought fairly little at non-TW liquor stores in FL.  Some store picks, that's pretty much it.  They tend to be pricey.  Until recently I saw RRSiB for $50/bottle at Leukens (Tampa area only), though I think it just went up.


Not sure about supermarkets, I rarely take the time to check those out.

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