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Best, Worst, or Funniest Tater Stickers?


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Is there any interest in sharing the best, worst, or funniest tater stickers/labels you have come across?  Maybe I am a sucker for a bad pun, or play on words, but this recent Knob Creek Single Barrel store pick made me laugh:


KC BeamTac.jpg

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Here are a few more I found interesting.



Old Fitz Light.jpg

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Okay....I'll play!


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A cigar ashtray I picked up at an estate sale years ago. Wasn’t into cigars back then, so I gave this to @dougdog as a present when he had an SB party at his house. I have CRS disease, so I can’t remember the exact year, or if it was during the Sampler or KBF.  🫨




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