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Interesting "RYE"

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Well, I have not been here in quite a while, but I ran across a very interesting "RYE".  Johnnie Walker High Rye, it is not a legal American Rye Whiskey. But, if you like a slap in the face spice kind of rye, give this a try. It has a mash bill of 60% rye, a small amount wheat and  the rest is malted barley. Malted barley as you would find in blended scotch, or single malt scotch. ABV is 40% so there is no question about spice or alcohol burn. My tastes buds have never been sure if I was tasting spice or just getting alcohol burn.  The spice lasts quite a while, then a pleasant smooth whiskey taste, no noticeable smokey scotch flavor.


Regards, Jim

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