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Louisville Visitor Guide


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Over the years, many of us new and old have raised questions about distillery tours and also what else can one do in Louisville while visiting.  There are tons of things to do, and a great resource to find out about these things is the “2023 Official Visitor Guide”.  I received a copy in the mail bundled with the latest edition of my Garden & Gun subscription.  Leafing through it, I am finding that it is very well done with over 90 pages of interesting destinations, events, bars, restaurants, etc., to hit while on a visit.  You can request a free copy be mailed to you by going to GoToLouisville.Com.  You can also download it if you like.  Definitely worth having.  


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Thanks for sharing Joe.

I need to convince my family on all this other stuff - so I can go hit the Liquor Barn, and maybe some other places. 😉 

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On 10/5/2023 at 10:41 PM, PaulO said:

Mine came in the mail today.  👍

mine did today - its a great resource at first glance.

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Giving this thread a little bump, as the 2024 Louisville Official Visitor Guide just arrived with my Garden & Gun.  Only took to page 4 to give some good tips of places to go while visiting Luavul.  😂



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