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Really Cool Glass


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My Mom gave us a couple of these. She told us they were brandy glasses.

The idea, I think , is the brandy is warmed by your hand, and you sip it from the stem, which is hollow, like a straw.

She served us. good brandy in them and it was a real hoot drinking out of them😄


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2 hours ago, Richnimrod said:

That explains why I'd never seen one, I guess.   Not really a Port fan... ever.

Same here....I'm not a fan of wine in any form...

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I’m good for a couple of bottles of port a year, and certainly this time of year with the Holidays.  I’m not sure if trust myself with that glass, however.  I tend to gnaw on fountain drink straws, so I could see me crunching that into a mess of glass shards…🤪

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