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Dating Knob Creek Small Batch

Tex Rob

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Hello all,


I'm sure this is an easy one.  I know the 9 year age statement was dropped in 2016 and added back in 2020.  


This particular KC does not have an age statement, but I thought the NAS bottles had a "patiently aged" statement in red under small batch vs. the "aged nine years" or the large "9" number on the bottom right corner for the nine year bottles.


Could this be just another variation of a NAS bottle?  Thanks for the help. 



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I have three different ones of the older KC9 (or not 9 in one case) but they are all different from yours. Have not seen that one yet. It is dusty though!


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11 minutes ago, Tex Rob said:

Thoughts, suggestions?  Thx.

I think your guess above, that this is probably just another variation of an NAS bottle is probably correct.  I have this mini that has the same label.  Somewhere in there it appears they had an NAS bottle with no narrative on its front lab as to it’s life in the barrel.


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I've seen that label in the OP's post before. It was a few years ago in a little store nearby someone had suggested; he had both 750s and 1.75s. I bought one of the handles, but passed on the 750s.


He also had the last four Distiller's Cuts I've seen, which I cleared out over a couple visits.




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