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Dickel Label Change


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I was out shopping and noticed what I thought were bottles of Dickel #12, except no "12" on the label.

It appears that product has been renamed "Signature Recipe".

I looked it up on the George Dickel website.  They use both the "#12" and "Signature Recipe" images interchangeably.  My take away is they are switching over and "Signature Recipe" is the new label.

I know there are some fans here, so worth mentioning.

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Uh-OH!   Whenever we've seen previous label changes from . . . well, any brand I can think of . . . It's been followed by further changes within those bottles sporting the 'new' labels.   ...At least ALMOST all the time.   Just my own opinions here, of course.


OR... It could be a ploy to scare people into bunkering loads of the 'old' style label offerings.   ...In other words a marketing ploy only, portending nothing at all.

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additional thought... if a an actual thoughyt might occur in my poor ole noodle.
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Interesting.  Who knows why the change.  But, I’ll proffer that since Dickel has begun to sprinkle 😊 a number of age stated bottles into their portfolio, they maybe feel that by taking the meaningless No 8 and No 12 off of the old line might keep things cleaner and less confusing.  

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I am such a dumbass…😏. Last Friday, I posted that I was outside enjoying a Dickel 12, while enjoying a nice and warm late afternoon.  ‘course, dumbass here never realized the bottle he purchased earlier that afternoon and was enjoying, was in fact the newly monikered “Signature Release”… Just picked it up like a brain dead heaver, and walked out the store




Regardless, I did enjoy it.  😁




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