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Hello Everyone,

Straightbourbon is going to go offline for the weekend starting around 1400 PST today. I'll be bringing it back up sometime Sunday afternoon.

In the interim, I recommend 1 shot of bourbon every 2 hours until the symptoms subside.

Happy New Year!!


Jim Butler

Straightbourbon.com Staff

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It is good to see the StraightBourbon.com site also participating in a Y2K plan. Missery loves company (and bourbon). I would like to alert you to the only Y2K problem I have uncovered to date. The liquor stores have had a shortage of Champagne for some time, and now it has become acute in some locations. I have checked this week with all of my favorite stores in my small Arkansas town, who seem to be pretty well stocked on all alcoholic beverages other than champagne. I have been suggesting to my friends that they should contend with this situation by celebrating the millennium with bourbon, yes the champagne made in Kentucky with those yellow densely packed grapes covered in a husk. Since corn flakes are the breakfast of champions, wouldn't fermented corn distillate be the nightcap of champions ? Talk to you guys next year.

Mark A. Mason, El Dorado, Arkansas

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