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1792 flag...

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A really cool.gif cool cool.gif find...

I got this on ebay grin.gif It's a huge flag (embroidered grin.gif) I bid $2.26 and won grin.gif It will look great in a flag box along side the bottle of Ridge(wood) not (mont) Reserve that Dane gave to me grin.gif---

I do alot of Barton embroidery grin.gif...I made this exact logo for them when it first came out on the market...

For those of ya not familiar with this story...and the name game thing...a judge made Barton's change the name because BF filed suit for copying...They were ordered not use the word Ridge(wood) any more...

Bettye Jo


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What a bargain! It is just like, except for the "Wood" and "Mont" the flag on Jonesy's carriage ride at Bardstown.

Like I said, A real deal and the collectible one at that! toast.gif

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A cool find laugh.gif

You got to teach me how to find these things!

Cant wait till Sep.

Koji toast.gif

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