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Serious Poll: Wheat or Rye ... your preference?

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Answer once and truthfully  

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  1. 1. Answer once and truthfully

    • I drink wheated bourbons exclusively
    • I drink wheated bourbons more often than rye recipe bourbons
    • I like both mashbills equally well
    • I drink rye recipe bourbons more often than wheated bourbons
    • I drink rye recipe bourbons exclusively

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OK, since I created the last poll in the dead of night mostly just to stir up a dead board, here's the real thing. Note that this poll was inspired and enhanced by Linn Spencer's Superior Methodology®; the only editorial license I exercised was to remove the pejorative term "traditional" from any phrase containing the word "rye".

Because the previous poll was mostly in jest, those results have been discarded. Once this more scientific and methodological poll has run to it's conclusion, I intend to sell the results to some big research firm, and then buy all Julian's existing stock with the proceeds. Make it good folks, I throw a hell of a party.


Jim Butler


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