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Hello. Everyone.

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Hello, To all. Have been very absent recently from the fourm. I kinda find the new and improved system more difficult to get around in then the old fourm. Any how my opinion is not going to change anything. I dearly wanted to go to the Festival. Omar sounds like you had a real adventure. I am sitting here nursing a nasty head cold sipping on some Wheller Centenial 10yr.. Can't really tell how good it really is just is I need something to help me sleep tonight. Omar stopped by my place here labor Day Weekend to visit. We had a real nice tasting and Omar was able to get a couple of bottles off me for his collection. He really enjoyed the 13yr Van Winkle Rye he had some 20yr Hirsch. and 17yr Eagle Rare. I told him to try and get some of Julians 12yr Rye when he was in KY as it is so good. My Dr. kinda recommended I need to loose a little weight. Thusly I have been cutting back on my weekly consumption and have lost a little weight in the process. I just wanted to let all you know how much I enjoyed meeting Omar and having a drink with him. I personally liked the 20yr Hirsch I opened for my 25th anniversary. I believe the 16yr Hirsch is just as good or should I say a better value. But what better way to celebrate ones 25th. Looking foward to going to Miami to see Omar as he has invited me to go fishing. I will supply him with a bottle of Jeffersons Reserve if I can still get it for his collection. I have one hole to fill in my collection. I need a bottle or 2 of Bookers 10th Anniversary. Any help in finding this greatly appreciated. Time to get another night cap lets see.. What does one drink when your not able to really taste anything. Maybe Julians 15yr 107 proof will help to cure what ails me. Good night. Creggor.

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