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Partagas & Blanton's

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While I was out this afternoon picking up some photo reprints and enlargements of the Bourbon Festival for Jim Butler and Chuck Cowdery, I also picked up a small tin of 10 small cigars. Partagas Puritos. Never had them before.

When I got home I opened a fresh bottle of Blanton's and fired up one of those mini-Partagas cigars. Damn good paring.

I then dug out my (now very old, but still very good) Fender Studio Bass Amplifier. 200 watts R.M.S. of all tube power into a massive cast frame 15" Electeo-Voice speaker. This baby not only talks the talk, but will make you walk the walk.

After pouring out a large glass from a freshly opened bottle of Blanton's, I fired up one of those Partagas minis. Then I pulged up the amp and broke out Ella Guru. Those of you that are familiar with Cap'n Beefheart's "Trout Mask Replica " don't have to ask.

So Blanton's; Partagas, a finely made custom left-handed 1976 Fender Precission Bass and 200 watts of Fender Power. It was awesome and I do hope the neighbors apppreciated it, as it was quite loud even though I had her throttled back to "4". Put this bitch in a tightly packed club and turn her up to 7 then you're gonna hear some very serious blues bass. So Bloody Deep it WILL move your bowels!

Enjoy the real things in life - A good woman, and good bourbon, a good cigar, and a good piece of music that you really feel deep down inside. It's what's up front that counts.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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I cant magine a reason for a lack of replies here.

I may not know my Bourbons (yet) but I do know cigars.

Partaga's are good. How ever for me, when relaxing with my favorite single malt, I want a smoke that has a lot of "meat" to it. One that requires your attention, not to mention a lot of muscle to get it to your mouth. Aside the cubans we cant easily get, for examle a Hoyo DE Monterrey X calibur. A great smoke from start to the sad end. Try one of these babies with your Blanton.

Unfortunately, economics keeps me supplied with AyC Grenediers of late. Im not complaining, they suffice. But would never mate one with my rare occasion of enjoying a splash of Scotlands finest.



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