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Pebbleford distillery

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A visitor to my site gave me a hard question:

I have a bottle of PEBBLE-FORD Straight Bourbon Whiskey that was bottled by Belmont Distilling Company. Then on the back label it gives another distillery. On the back label it say Distillery by Merchants Distilling Corp. Reg. Dist. No. 5 Indiana Bottled at I.R.B.W. No. 2 IND.

Help, anyone?



Dennis Klindrup


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One source I have puts Pebbleford at Newport, which is near Cincinnati. Another puts it at Ekron, which is Southwest of Louisville. Both say it was owned by Schenley, acquired in the late 1940s. Belmont was a Max Selliger-owned distillery on the site of present day Bernheim. The name was changed to Bernheim in 1933. The Merchants name rings a bell, but I can't quite place it. None of this really tells you very much. Sorry.

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The Merchants Distillery was located in Terre Haute, IN and believe it or not was cited in the early 1900s as one of the world's largest distilleries! (Terre Haute Tribune Star article). The distillery was in operation under various names as early as 1870.

-- Greg

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