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bourbon - The King

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Ok everybody! This is my opinion - what's yours?

I read a lot of opinions on the forum about bourbons so I won't mess around with all the tasting notes or which bourbon is better or which distillery makes the best bourbon because everbody's taste buds change from day to day. It matters not whether you are drinking single barrel, small batch or so-called shelf bourbon, I have tried them all, I think. Comparing other spirits and whiskeys, namely scotch, Bourbon remains KING. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IT, here is some proof! Check with any of the marketing and sales people and see what other countries drink.

That's the reason our sales are up in Japan, Europe and Australia is coming on strong. I have had the pleasure of hosting anywhere from 10-20 Scots who come to visit me and they will all tell you they love Scotch, but all they drink here is Bourbon. I inquired why they drink Bourbon here if they love Scotch so much and their reply was "I'll have another bourbon, please"! Now back to my point- we have talked about the age of bourbon, rye bourbon, wheated bourbon, bourbon that has been finished in cognac barrels, port barrels and I will have to admit that some wheated bourbons leave a lot to be desired. We have been concerned about foreign ownership of our distillieries but there is no need to worry about it! So long as we have master distillers like Jimmy Russell and son , Parker Beam, Greg Davis, Elmer T. Lee and retired Bill Friel of which all pass their distilling knowledge down to the next generation, and none of the bourbon produced today which is not going to be bottled until the master distillers say it is ready.

So in ending this, we are drinking the best bourbon that has ever been made and that's why Bourbon Is King!



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You sure got that right, Marvin! Bourbon is the very best whiskey in the world. A wise & famous man who's name now escapes me once told me "F**K Sc**ch! BOURBON RULES!"


Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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Breathe in, drink deep, and as A wise & famous man who's name now escapes me once told me "PANTS AWAY!!!!!!"

laugh.gif TOM C

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