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A big drink

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Many, many, many, times I have left my Pepsi unattened at work.....Then, I come back and take a big ole drink....yep.....you guessed it.......spit it out all over the place.....every time !!!!!! They just love doin it to me.......It's especially bad when its 190 proof....set your socks on fire.......I laugh so hard--usually until tears are rolling--- evertime they do it to me because I fall for it ever time....They laugh just as hard........

Try it on your bourbon drinkin friends when you are not supposed to be drinking anything.....Tell me if they spit it out.....Every person I have see it done to spits it out.......

P.S. Don't stand too close if your gonna do it to somebody......

Bettye Jo

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You'll have to give me a go Bettye Jo! smile.gif

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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