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Bourbon prices

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The price of bourbon gets mentioned from time to time in many threads on these forums. Out of curiosity, I'd like to see prices from around the nation/world on some specific 750ml bottlings.

Give your approximate location on the face of the planet, the lowest prices available to you for these bourbons, and where:


Elijah Craig 12YO


In my case:

Location: Sonoma County, CA

Blanton's -- $38.99, Costco

EC12YO -- $14.39, Bottle Barn

WT101: -- $13.99, Trader Joe's


Jim Butler


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Blanton's $34.50

Elijah Craig 12 YO - NOT AVAILABLE frown.gif

Wild Turkey 101 - $12.50

Marion County State Store (Damn Control States)


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EC 12 yr-$14.50-$16

WT 101-$14.50-$16

(But I get my Knob Creek for less than $18 all the time!)

K.C. Area liquor stores, I bargain hunt all over town

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OK Jim,

Blanton's * * * * * * * * *-> $42.90

Elijah Craig 12 yo * * * * -> $14.95

Wild Turkey 101 * * * * * *-> $18.49

Virginia Gentleman 'The Fox' -> $19.95

You can see what's available to me and what it costs at the VA ABC website <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.abc.state.va.us/>http://www.abc.state.va.us/</A> Virginia had record sales of $382 million in 2001. The commonwealth netted a profit of $41.6 million. The state also took in $96 million in taxes from those sales.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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I live in an ABC store state, Alabama. So, the prices are the same all over the state. Sometimes a few things are on sale, but I don't recall seeing any of your specific bottlings on sale in the past 18 months.

Blanton's - $45

Elijah Craig 12 YO - $16

WT 101 - $19

I sure wish my prices were closer to yours!


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Blanton's: $44.99

EC 12 YO: $13.99

WT101: $14.49


Knob Creek: $17.99

Woodford Reserve: $26.99

Purchased at Discount Liquor, Waukesha, WI

Bob Kaufman

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Blanton's $39.99

EC12YO $16.99 I used to laugh up my sleeve when I was squirrelling it away at $14.99 and wondering how HH could sell it that cheap, not laughing any more.

WT101 $ 14.95 on sale at rite aid normally about 17.99

Bobby Cox

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I Know The Ohio State Store has lowered the prices dramatically across the board for whiskeys (& whiskys too, LOL) in the last 3 months the Blanton's Bottle I have @ home I payed $48.99 for at the same store shocked.gif. The problem with the state is they keep diminishing the selection and not restocking as things sell out (they usta sell EC 12 but alas, no more). It gets me to wondering if its one big Clearance Sale. All thats gonna be left soon is Jim White frown.gif


Knob Creek $26.50

Woodford Reserve $29.50


(hey Linn, I wanna try "The Fox"!!)

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I have also noticed a large variation in prices from store to store here in Lincoln, Nebraska. The biggest is for WT Russel's Reserve which sells for $14.99 in one store and for $28.95 in another. I can understand a couple of dollars but this seems to be quite a large difference. Needless to say I but it at the cheap place.


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I definitely would keep them cleaned out , It is about 24.00 here in Ky

Bobby Cox

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