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I was reading a free wine magazine from Atlanta a few days ago and I saw that Mr. Greenbaum, who ran Tower's Package Stores in Atlanta for many years, passed away recently. Along with his brother, who ran Green's Package Stores (the brother passed away a couple of years ago), he revolutionized liquor sales in the Atlanta area. The two brothers started in business in 1948 and were later forced to split because the state of Georgia decided they were a monopoly.

I apologize for not remembering their first names.

They provided a huge selection at excellent prices. They also provided a pleasant shopping atmosphere. They were among the first in Atlanta to offer a wide selection of excellent wines.

I lament their passing because I have shopped at Green's at every opportunity since the early 70's. I don't know whether or how the Tower's and Green's stores are continuing in business, but I sincerely hope they will continue the tradition.

RIP, Greenbaum brothers.


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