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Partagas Lusitania

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Haven't noticed anything in this forum for awhile, so I thought I'd contribute.

Tonight's after-dinner cigar selection was one of four remaining Partagas Lusitanias from a 1997 box (weekends are Habano days for me!).

The cigar had a beautiful reddish-brown wrapper - I've not seen this in recent Lusitanias. It produced copious (love that word!) amounts of thick, chewy smoke. In addition to that great Partagas tobacco flavor, there were obvious and wonderful overtones of citrus rind, honey, and some exotic spices I can't even begin to describe. This cigar was truley an Habano to define that "Habano experience."

It was accompanied by a glass (okay.. two glasses) of Jefferson Reserve Bourbon. Smooth and flavorful, the Jefferson complimented, rather than overshadowed the Lusitania.

I must remember to travel back in time to purchase more of these 1997 Lusitanias. ;o)


Ain't Life Grand?! ~

____________________ ~


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Oh hell yes! I do love any Partagas cigar. Good post Doug. I like Jeff's R, but find it overpriced at $50 per 750ml bottle.

Linn Spencer

Have Shotglass. Will Travel.

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