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Did I just invent a new highball?

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I was starting to make myself a simple highball of bourbon and Perrier when thoughts started striking me. The first thought was, "I would like some extra flavor." Immediately followed by, "Sambuca Romana", which I have in my cabinet and I always enjoy. The next thought was that that would be a lot like the Sazerac cocktails I was enjoying in New Orleans, last month. So, I added Angostura bitters and came up with a Sazerac highball. It was simple and delicious.

One tall glass filled with ice cubes

One shot of Wild Turkey 101

A quarter oz of Sambuca Romana (any anisette would do)

Several dashes Angostura bitters

Fill with Perrier or other sparkling water

If it is not an original invention, so what? I thought it up and I enjoyed it!


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