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Shopping & Distilleries in Louisville Area?

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I am visiting relatives in Louisville this week. I have already made my trip to Liquor Barn to pick up my favorites that I can't get in NC (Old Rip 15 yo, Old Rip Family Reserve Rye) while picking up some new things to try (Buffalo Trace, Elmer T. Lee). Though, I am always willing to hear suggestions for something new.

Also, I have a free day tomorrow to visit distilleries and am looking for suggestions on which one to prioritize. I am looking for a real tour and a decent gift shop for souveniers.

I can make a southern trip that includes Maker's Mark (looks like you get a tour, can dip your own bottle, and hit a marketing-gone-mad gift shop) and Jim Beam (description on the web seems to indicate that they only show a movie instead of a real tour.) Heaven Hill is closed this week.

I can also go east and hit Buffalo Trace, Labrot & Graham, and Wild Turkey. Any of those see like they would be good to hit.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.


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Beam is closest but no tour , a movie and an opportunity to buy Beam stuff. Maker's and L&G are the tours, Don't know about Buffalo Trace. If you go to Beam leave and go to Bardstown this will head you toward Maker's you can look at 4 Roses and the defunct TW Samuels distillery. smile.gif

Beam will give you a drink of whiskey, be sure to go in the Beam Home for this. tongue.gif

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While in Louisville, you'll have to settle for a driving tour. None of the distilleries there give tours. Go west on Broadway, past the old Union Station and headquarters of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, to Dixie Highway. There you can see Brown-Formans headquarters, bottling plant and other facilities. Behind the main headquarters building is a distillery, but it's owned by Heaven Hill. That's the old Bernheim place. There are brick rackhouses there too. You can see a lot from the road.

Now go South on Dixie Highway, where you can drive by Early Times, Old Fitzgerald and the sites of many defunct distilleries, all along Dixie Highway and Seventh Street Road. What I've given you aren't perfect directions, you may need help from a local, but it's worth a drive and right there in town.

The real distillery tours will take more of a drive, to L&G and MM. I'm pretty sure Buffalo Trace is giving tours again too. The Beam site is well worth a visit. Even if they don't take you into the actual plant, there's a lot to see, and there's a fabulous park (Bernheim Forest) across the street.

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