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Antique Heart Pine from Old Taylor Distillery

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from: http://heartpinereserve.com/index.html

Our Company

Heart Pine Reserve is a company committed to the preservation and re-use of antique building materials. Our primary business is the salvage of antique lumber, brick and stone. Every product we sell is recycled and we are proud of our environmental records and to be recognized as a green company.

We recover our materials from properties that are no longer in use, including distilleries, textile mills and other buildings from the Industrial Revolution. These materials are unique in visual character and historical value. Each product we sell has a story to tell.

We are pleased to make our selection of Antique Heart Pine from the Old Taylor Distillery available to those who share our passion for the superior quality and unique characteristics of fine antique woods.

Information on Reclamation/Restoration project (copy write date 2006):



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