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Duty Free

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As though the wonderful array of products that I already have are not enough, I just found out that there is even more Wild Turkey wonder about in the world. See Wild Turkey Duty Free Product Line .

As a stay-at-home kind of guy I have no knowledge of this duty-free business, although I vaguely recall seeing "Duty Free Shop" on a sign at LAX years ago when I traveled on business.

Can I just walk up to such a shop and buy a variety of Wild Turkey previously unknown to me? Do I have to show a foreign passport? Does anyone know how to forge one? grin.gif

Yours truly,

Dave Morefield

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In general, you have to be in transit outside the US to shop duty free. This includes most international airports, sea ports, and cruise ships (while in international waters). In US international airports, you generally have to show them your ticket showing that your NEXT stop is overseas. I think, they even have the whisky delivered to you on the plane.

A couple years ago we took an Alaskan Cruise which began in Alaska and ended in Vancouver. To get there, we had a connecting flight through Salt Lake City. The SLC airport was closing out it's liquor section of their duty free (suprised?) so they had some extra great prices. Even though I was on an international itinerary, I could not make a purchase because my next stop (Alaska) was still in the US. confused.gif

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