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Notes on 30+ yr old Continental Peanut Liqour

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dave ziegler

I am lucky enough to have a few cases of Continentals Peanut Lolita Liqour. They were as far as I can find the only Company to make a Peanut Liqour. First it pours a thick amber color. The smell is of Roasted Peanuts and Bourbon. As you sip it you find it is not super sweet like most Liqours but the flavor of Bourbon & Peanuts comes through in a Very Big way. As you take a drink it gives you the sort of normal Inhale that a good Bourbon does. No Blended in this one at least not much if any. Its Proof is 53 and it is well over 30 yrs old saved from deep in a pile of burned bottles set fire by Kids this lovely Drink is good by itself or with a shot of Rye added which I have done a few times. The bit of a burn in your mouth wakes up your taste and anyone I have ever given a taste of it loves it. So far I have drank about 7 -750 ml bottles this year and revisit it offten. I think by the flavor it has some fairy aged whiskey in it and time has not hurt it! This with Beer and Bourbon are my drinks of choice. This stuff can lite you off it has enough in it to get you there and goes great with a Beer. What gets me is no one makes anything like this and I am sure there are lots of other drinks you could make with it. So I raise a toast to Publicker for a product that was one of a kind. What makes it so nice is the smell is so pleasnt. I once called jacquins told them about the old days when we did work for them and said they should consider making something like this they told me they never take any Ideas from anyone but the people that work there. Well I tried. It also has a little wood in its flavor and spices. I rate this stuff Just Plain Wonderful!

Dave Z

Old Hickory America's Most Magnificent Bourbon


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