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dave ziegler

It looks like Publicard it gone the last of what was Publicker IND

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dave ziegler

Well this morning I was going to put the site of what was left of Publicker Industries most don't know but they were still around till 2006 as Publicard. They after getting done with the clean up of The Philadelphia sit they went on with what they had for cash to buy many different things one being for awhile Brightstar Flashlight company. This is where the Hostile stock take over took them when they left the bussiness they were founded on. In about 1999 they changed their Name to Publicard as they sold everything off to get in the Smart card Bussiness. However they got in to late and in fall of 2006 went Bankrupt. I went to the site this morning as they had alot of their History on there and the site is gone sadly this is the final end to a company that back when it was run by Mr Si Neuman was a giant and its sad end in the hands of People who just made alot of mistakes sadly. For years I had thought they went out after the cleanup of the Phila site then one day by chance I found the Publicard site and was glad that something was left. Well I had been checking and they talked of coming out of Bankrupsey but It never happen and today I went to the site and it like Publicker Ind is gone! The company in its last days had about 3 or 4 employees in other words a company in name mostly! To think they still owned American Cyro Gas and the Chemical Plant in LA and sold them to before going down this road but the cleanup forced them to that I guess! So Good by them They were once so great!

Dave Z

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