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Bourbon in Charleston, SC

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My wife and I spent the weekend, sans kids, in Charleston, SC. Besides tending to my lovely wife and her shopping needs, I had a mission to pick up some bourbon that I can't get locally in NC.

Some of you might remember that I just got back from Louisville a little over a month ago. And you might wonder why I didn't fulfill all my bourbon needs there. Well, I discovered StraightBroubon.com while in Louisville, but I didn't read alot of the threads until I was back home in NC. It was then that my wish list had expanded dramatically.

To make this long story short, I found a very good little store in the historic area of Charleston. It is called The Tavern and is at 120 East Bay Street. They had a very good selection of high end bourbons, including Pappy 20 yo. Their selection of medium brands was thin, though.

I picked up a bottle of Wathen's and a bottle of Old Fitz. Sadly, they didn't carry Very Old Barton, AAA 10 yo or Old Fitz 1849. I carried the two purchased bottles in my backpack all day while site-seeing. My wife and I went back to the hotel room to clean up before dinner. During that time, I tasted both bottles. I loved the Wathen's and liked the Old Fitz (well, I loved it considering it was only $15/liter). I rushed back out to the store before it closed and snatched up another bottle of each. For good measure, I picked up a bottle of Old Overholt Rye, but I haven't tasted it yet.

I'd recommend not rushing over there until they get a chance to restock. The two bottles of Wathens I bought were their only ones on the shelf. Ditto for the two bottles of Old Fitz and the one bottle of Overholt. blush.gif

Wait, I hear that Wathen's bottle calling me. Gotta go. smirk.gif

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