First off, welcome to! The following suggestions will make your experience here more pleasant and productive.

1. Avail yourself of the search facility. The information you seek is probably buried somewhere in this site already. If you find what you area looking for, but the thread is locked due to it’s age, feel free to start a new thread.

2. The forums are organized by topic for a reason. Please try to post in the forum which most closely matches your subject matter.

3. As an addendum to the above, please do not cross post – that is – make the same post in more than one forum.

4. If you’ve come here solely to get help determining the value of an old bottle, you’re not likely to receive a hearty welcome from the general membership. If the bottle in question is full, please read the announcement at the top of the collectibles forum. If the bottle's empty, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Folks here collect the contents, not the bottles.

5. If you have trouble navigating the forums, try reading the forum FAQ. If that doesn't get your question answered, try asking for help in the ‘Software Issues’ forum. If you see a moderator or administrator in ‘Who’s Online’, feel free to send them a private message asking for help.

6. Above all, treat other members as you would like to be treated. Once you’ve been around for awhile, remember that you were a new user once, and help others out.