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10-12-1999, 15:06
Help, Iv'e purchased numerous bottles of "Bill Wesley" Kentucky Straight Bourbon (8year) whilst in France and have no Idea who makes it! I would like to find out to see if I can purchase any here in the UK. If anybody out there has even heard of it, please let me know

10-13-1999, 10:36
One piece of information that will help us answer your question is the place of origin, which should appear somewhere on the bottle. "Bardstown, Kentucky" is the most likely site, but it might be Louisville, Frankfort, etc.

Since "Bill Wesley" is not a brand here in the U.S., it is likely one created for that market and you probably won't find it in the UK or anywhere else, but it may be a creation for the European market, and available in more than just France. It's hard to say. In addition to Heaven Hill, which makes a lot of the "private label" brands around, the current proprietors of the old Willett Distillery, also in Bardstown, have been selling that plant's remaining inventory under a variety of brand names exclusively outside the US. It could be some of theirs.

- chuck