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dave ziegler
08-24-2008, 15:55
This week I was on Vacation while off i took some Pictures of Old Brewery's that are still standing or being used again!
Pic 1. The Old Adam Scheit / Schmidt's Brewery Bottle House Norristown
Pic 2. through 9 The Old Poth 1885 / !939 / Red Bell Brewery 1995 / 2002 Brewery 31st & Jefferson Ave -- Not Used Red Bell Out of bussiness Due to His acountent cheating him and not paying his bills.
Pic 10 The Old Ortliebs Brewery - not used
Pic 11. Ortlieb's Jazz Brew House
Pic 12 through 14 Ortliebs Bottling house- not used
Pic. 15 through 20.. The Old Gretz Brewery
21. The Old Weisbrod & Hess Orinetal Brewery now being used for the first time after the mid 1930's by The Philadelphia Brewing Company --- Some of their brands are Kenzinger, Row House Red, and Walt Wit
Dave Z
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08-25-2008, 06:50
Pic 1. The Old Adam Scheit / Schmidt's Brewery Bottle House Norristown

Always meant to try to find this building when I'm passing through the area but never do. It's always stuck in my mind because, according to a C. Schmidt's & Sons book, Taverns of Yesteryear, published to commemorate their 100th Anniversary in 1960:

"Bottling house windows at Schmidt's Norristown brewery are made of amber glass to filter out harmful rays of sunlight."

Unfortunately, it looks as if those are new windows...

Schmidt's was seemingly officially called the brewery in Norristown the "Valley Forge Brewing Co.", at that point in time (according to the book), and was where the Prior, Valley Forge Beer and Rams Head Ale brands originated. Guess they closed the brewery in the mid-70's, but they did resurrect the "Adam Scheidt Brewing Co." name for the "dba" brewery name of an ale they came out with in the late 1970's, Twentieth Century Ale (and good stuff it was).

dave ziegler
08-26-2008, 02:32
For anyone who lives near Phila you can buy a case of Beer right at the Philadelphia Brewing company for a better price. I bought a case of Walt Wit a belgian style beer that had been bottled and cased the day before, it was dated 8/20 I bought it 8/21. And it is great Stuff. The last 3 pictures are of the Philadelphia Brewery which is in what was the Old Weisbrod & Hess brewery! The Walt Wit has some flavor of Grapfruit camimil and is realy a good Drink!
Dave Z
Beer Its Not Just A Beverage Beer Is Food

08-26-2008, 05:08
Great pics Dave..... my old stomping grounds in Philly