View Full Version : Worth Buying? Dickel Black Label No.8

09-01-2008, 19:01
I was running around some shops late last week and found one that had two bottles of Dickel No. 8 in it for a reasonable price. This is the first time in years that I have seen this for sale in my area. The price is cheap and I like Dickel No. 12 but I wonder if I ought not pick these up lest I not see this whiskey again in some time or ever. I do not intend to drink these any time soon but am thinking about adding them to my cellar for future reference. Am I wrong in my thinking that these No.8 are hard or impossible to find? Should I pounce or pass?

09-01-2008, 19:41
It all depends on the area. When I was in South Carolina in July, there was enough of the No. 8 around to float a barge, but it is tough to find in many other areas.

A fellow SB'er gifted me a bottle and I enjoy it every time I have a pour. The No. 8 is supposed to be back in stores in a few years once they replenish the stock, so any purchase you make isn't going turn in to some rare eBay sale in the long run.

09-01-2008, 21:21
To add to Scott's statement, there was a shut down period for Dickel, and while thee may not be a big change in the taste of the whiskey they produce, there may be. So it may be of interest to add those to your bunker just for the chance to taste the newer version alongside the older one.

BTW, you may wish to update your profile to include your area, so that advice may be more accurately dispensed.

I happen to like #8 just fine, so I would have no problem adding a couple reasonably priced bottles of it to my bunker, If I didn't already have some in there.

09-01-2008, 23:41
I much prefer the No. 12 and it is inexpensive enough that I would not consider purchasing the No. 8, instead. IMHO


09-01-2008, 23:57
I much prefer the No. 12 and it is inexpensive enough that I would not consider purchasing the No. 8, instead. IMHO


I would gladly pick up the No. 12-- but I have no problem drinking the No. 8, especially since it is less expensive AND more refined than their primary competitor...

*stares at the elephant in the living room*

09-13-2008, 05:41
I like Dickell a lot. I like it better than the more popular Jack Daniels. This is why I was so curious about their elusive No. 8 product. After some looking about I have noticed a few bottles of No. 8 around including a large 1.75 jug of it yesterday but the prices are so close to the No. 12 that I have not taken the bait yet. Thanks for the sage advice on this. I will likely just stick to the No. 12 for now. Unless someone tells me a very compelling reason to go collect up some of the No. 8

09-13-2008, 07:02
I finally saw a Cascade Hollow with the red label. It, well, stood out on the shelf. I think at the back of the row was some "older" black label with red text, but I decided against buying it.