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08-31-2000, 14:47
I mentioned in another post that the Kentucky Distillers Association web site (http://www.kybourbon.com) has links to most distillery sites. I hadn't seen some of them and wanted to mention that the one for A. Smith Bowman (http://www.bowmanco.com/) in Virginia is pretty cool. Check it out.

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

09-02-2000, 11:20
Is that the wackiest still ya ever saw or what? It's worth a trip to see it in person. If only all their bourbon were distilled that way. All Virginia Gentleman used to be double distilled in that little copper pot, but not any more. It is a great sadness.

Linn Spencer

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09-14-2000, 22:12
<a href=http://www.smallbatch.com/">Jim Beam Small Batch</a> -

Jim Beam (http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~shawhan/whiskey.html) -

Buffalo Trace (http://www.buffalotrace.com/) -

Makers Mark (http://www.makersmark.com/) -

Red Wax (http://www.redwax.com/) -

Old Fitzgerald (http://www.heavenhill.co.nz/prod01_copy(3).htm) -

Labrot & Graham (http://www.labrot&graham.com/) -

Blanton's (http://www.blantonsbourbon.com/) -

Brown-Forman (http://www.brown-forman.com/) -

Seagram (http://www.seagram.com/)

Bourbon Whiskey Page (http://shsweb.shh.fi/klubb/awc/wh-bourb.htm) -

History: (http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~shawhan/whiskey.html) -

History Elija Craig (http://www.my-ged.com/db/page/jimwilks/497) -

Bourbon Festival (http://www.kybourbonfestival.com/) -

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09-14-2000, 22:25
The Ancient Age Distillery (ancient.html) -
The Barton Distillery (barton.html) -
The (UD)Bernheim Distillery (bernhime.html) -
The Four Roses Distillery (fourrose.html) -
Heaven Hill Distillery (heaven.html) -
The Wild Turkey Distillery (turkey.html) -


Now I reckon thats Great Mate - woof!