View Full Version : Enjoying a Malbec with dinner...pasta.

09-06-2008, 18:46
La Puerta...2007...13.8% abv....product of Argentina...Famantina Valley.

Very smooth, silky....delicious.

I paid 12.99 at my local wine shop...maybe a little high but I want to support the local business...(plug for McHenry area...Corkscrew Point).

A review:


09-06-2008, 22:49
Malbec is a wonderful grape. It has become probably my second most consumed wine behind Cabernet Sauvignon. We try to stick to California wines exclusively, since we live in California. The same "support the local economy" spirit you mention. But I have bought one or two bottles from Argentina, and I have not been disappointed.


09-07-2008, 13:08
What are some good CA Malbecs?

09-07-2008, 17:58
My favorite is from Fenestra Winery (http://www.fenestrawinery.com/) in Livermore. They don't have it all the time but when they do it's fantastic.

Another one that is actually quite good is Black Mountain, from Trader Joe's. I think I paid $3.99 a bottle the last time I bought some. I generally buy like a case at a time because I don't feel guilty opening it when my wife doesn't want any. If half the bottle goes to waste, no big deal...

Stuart Cellars (http://www.stuartcellars.com/malbec.htm) also has a good Malbec, although it's rather expensive. The 2004 is far superior to the 2005, which is rather pedestrian.

There are more, but those are the three that come to mind immediately.

The California Malbecs tend to be "cleaner" than the Argentinian ones which is both good and bad. They are easier to drink, but not as interesting. My favorite Malbec ever was an Argentinian one that was a blend of Malbec and Cab Sauv. It had a _very_ earthy flavor to it, was quite big, and a fantastic experience. Unfortunately I don't remember what it was...


09-17-2008, 02:47
What are some good CA Malbecs?

To be honest, I don't know of very many CA Malbecs that can be drunken alone-- Malbec is typically a blending grape.

Mendoza, Argentina is where they have really come into their own. High elevation + rare rainfall = good Malbec, apparently.

Kaiken and Trapiche are both quite good, and very inexpensive.

I never tried pairing Malbec with pasta-- I've been enjoying it with a very bold, flavorful steak, like NY Strip, or a T-bone. The deep, root-sugar (think licorice and fennel) flavor is a pleasant compliment to such cuts.

Of all the reds I have ever had, I think Malbec is the one that best-represents the word DEEP!