View Full Version : Jim Beam Black and Sancho Panza

09-01-2002, 19:59
First I'd like to thank one our newer Bourbonians => Kyle (Aahzz) => for sending me a very kind and thoughtful assortment of fine cigars of which the Sancho Panza was one. I lit up the Panza and let it dictate the bourbon. At once I knew what it should be. Either Old Charter 'Classic 90' 12 year old (of which I have none) or Jim Beam black label 86 proof and eight years old. I poured a gererous portion over the rocks in a hefty Jim Beam glass. Ahhhhh bliss! A perfect pairing. The Panza is a hand rolled Honduran with a natural wrapper. It lit evenly with a single match, and drew effortlessly. The smoke was thick and mild with hazelnut topnotes and old leather undertones. About halfway through it still held three inches of fine gray ash and smoked cool and sweet. After the first inch or so the Panza sweetened up with coffee flavors. The Beam was the quite a treat => sweet easy drinking corn. I've not had a bourbon and cigar complement each other as well as this pairing. The Panza lasted about two and a half hours of soul satisfing smoking pleasuse. During which time I consumed four portions of Jim Beam 'black' on the rocks to account for roughly half a bottle. Corn and tobacco are both stored 'sunshine' for us to enjoy. When you drink bourbon you are drinking sunshine. When you smoke tobacco you are breathing sunshine. When you do both together you feel GOD smiling upon your life, and good fortune will befall you. http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif

09-02-2002, 05:24
Glad you enjoyed it! Those have long been one of my "go to" smokes. Haven't paired one with Beam Black, but I think I just might have to now.....

10-17-2003, 07:48
Sancho Panza is one of my go to cigars. A great cheapie and it will pair well with all but the "fruitiest" of bourbons. The Beam Black was an excellent choice, its rich, oily and somewhat coconut-y note will definitely go well with the Sancho Panza.