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09-14-2008, 21:07
Hello everyone!

For starters, I absolutely love this site and want to thank the folks that own and run it as well as everyone that contributes to it. Every time that I visit, I leave more informed, itching to try a few suggestions and wishing I had time to read more.

I'm a 33 year old, married, father of two from Dearborn, Michigan. You can learn a bit more about me via my blog (http://potbangers.blogspot.com) if interested. It hasn't been updated since our baby arrived in June, but that will soon change.

I never thought that I liked bourbon until about three years ago. Someone gave me a bottle of Jim Beam Black for Christmas and ever since then, I've grown to enjoy bourbon more and more. My tastes have evolved from enjoying a glass with four ice cubes, then three, then down to two and now only one. Coincidentally, my recent favorites have been barrel proof selections.

Recently, this site inspired me to take a quick hop over to Newport, KY while I was visiting Cincinnati, OH. I asked a local where I could buy bourbon that wasn't available in Detroit and an hour later, I was at a store called the Party Source. The sales person set me up with Four Roses Single Barrel. Apparently, representatives from the Party Source were invited to the distillery to sample and choose which barrels to sell exclusively at their stores. The other bottle was Willett Single Barrel Estate Reserve in a cool pot shaped decanter. Both bottles are awaiting certain family members to be in town.

Hopefully I get to meet some of you soon. Folks that enjoy a good cigar are always talking about the comradery that happens when guys spend time at the cigar store. I assume a bourbon get together would be the same!

09-14-2008, 21:27
Welcome Brad. There's a whole slew of SB folks up in Michigan. ACDETROIT (Tony) is kinda the unofficial leader of the Michigan Army. He's a great guy. There's a lot of info here. Hope you take advantage of it and have a good time. Joe

09-15-2008, 01:35
[snip] You can learn a bit more about me via my bog (http://potbangers.blogspot.com) if interested. It hasn't been updated since our baby arrived in June, ... [snip]

Welcome aboard, Brad!

I had to chuckle at the quote, above. I'd say that if you have enough spare time to keep up a blog, you are fortunate among new fathers. :grin: It's been 34 years since I was in your shoes, but I remember that my free time was drastically reallocated, even though our kid was a so-called "good baby".

I found it helpful to combine tasks. For the first year or two it's all the same to the kid whether s/he's listening to Dad read Mr. Seuss or Forbes magazine. :grin:

If you're interested, click on my screen name, to the left of this post, select "Public Profile", and scroll down to recommendations. Mine are rather pedestrian compared to the mid-level exotica you bought on your recent trip. (I define "exotica" as anything I can't get in Prescott, AZ -- a rather longish list.)

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

09-15-2008, 18:33
Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Joe, I just posted to one of the Michigan threads - thanks for the heads up! :)

I'm tempted to fix my typo on "blog" but don't want to confuse anyone reading Dave's post!

The first son I had SEEMED to take up all of my free time. But having the second REALLY made that a fact! Checking your list now... :)

09-15-2008, 19:02
Hey Brad, Congrat's on the new son. I have 2 daughters 2.5 yrs and 8 months, so I can relate on the time constraints.

Welcome to the site, I hope you find i as entertaining and educational as I do. The group here is top notch as you will see. Enjoy the journey, we're all on it,

We have a tasting now and then so I will keep you in the loop. I'm North of you a ways but get down your way now and then.

Have you been to Merchant's on Michigan Ave? They have a stellar Bourbon selection. I grew up down that way and owned a home in the Heights in the mid 90's.



09-15-2008, 20:39
Welcome to the group.. another from Mich :woohoo: I think y'all might be pushing the lead in state participation ... or a close second behind KY.... I need some more southern Arizona Brethern...

look forward to your posts.

09-15-2008, 22:13
Welcome to the site Brad.

I looked at your blog briefly and am glad to see I am not the only one in search of the best Reuben!

09-15-2008, 22:51
Oh yeah Brad, I'm a food guy as well. Not sure you've tried here bit it's close to my place if you make it up.


I've eaten here it's very good.


09-17-2008, 18:43
Welcome to the group! Sounds like you're off to a good start on the bourbon hounding...