View Full Version : My one, and only, taste of Old Fitzgerald...

09-17-2008, 02:39
I have a friend who recently had a grandfather pass away. While this is certainly a tragedy in the family, he did his grandson good by leaving him a collection of liquor that is absolutely fantastic. Much of it wasn't even opened!

One of said un-opened bottles was a glass decanter-style bottle, with a hand-painted nature scene depicting a bighorn sheep.

The spirit inside of it-- Old Fitzgerald. 7 years old. 86 proof. Made by Stitzel-Weller.

My friend drank most of it. Because I helped him with his computer, he left me the last inch and a half, about 3 pours' worth.

It was good. REALLY good. Quite possibly the best middle-aged wheater I've ever tasted (although the modern Sazerac Weller comes close). Sugar Maple sweetness, with a surprisingly-long finish.

Now I can finally know why folks on this board sing the praises of Stitzel-Weller to this day...