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09-18-2008, 13:54
I am assuming this product similar to American / Canadian grain whiskey...correct?
Even bourbon if the maize % is high enough.


Duncan Taylor (distilled at Invergordon)


In other words....if a Scotch whisky is made with grains other than barley.....wheat...maize / corn, rye etc....is it any different than any American or Canadian whiskey?

Noting the flavor profile in the review above....not "Scotch" like in profile.

09-18-2008, 13:58
It seems similar to this Canadian:


Danfield's Private

09-18-2008, 17:22
The ingredients are similar but I recall someone more knowledgeable than I, in some other thread, saying that Scotch grain whiskey and Bourbon/Rye were made differently...something about the way the initial fermentation is done I think.

09-19-2008, 21:09
While a Scotch grain whisky can be made from any grain it is usually un-malted barley or at least a high percentage of un-malted barley. That coupled with being stored in used bourbon barrels gives a very different flavor then bourbon or Canadian whiskies. I've never had or seen a Scotch grain whisky made from a high percentage of corn. It would be interesting I'm sure.