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09-24-2008, 20:12
Hey folks, my name is Chris. I have lurked around and entered many a captcha to search for stuff and I finally said F it and joined.

I am a freelance web developer and also work for a small web design firm here in San Diego. They will remain nameless because they make me do terrible things but it keeps the roof up.

So far (many thanks to that beginers list) I've had some rather stellar pours. To be honest I never really was a drinker and about six months after my father died I took a trip to Lynchburg and immediatley fell in love with the process and figured it must great if JD is making all this money. After a few bottles I stumbled upon this site and soon learned the ways of Kentucky Bourbon. Thanks to you folks I ventured and have tried many a tasty Bourbon:

JD single barrel (I know, I know... But 'Twas me first love)
Woodford Reserve (a friend recomended this before I found SB, still a fav though)
Van Winkle 10/90
Van Winkle 12 (This was my first Van Winkle bottle, had to try them all)
Van Winkle 15
Van Winkle 20
Van Winkle 23 (nectar)
Emmer T Lee (yum)
Eagle Rare
Buffalo Trace
Evan Williams SB (meh)
Bulliet (liquid pennies)
Wild Turkey RR 10
Sazerac Rye (yum)
Willet (still shaped bottle)
Platte Valley (not Bourbon but had to try it)
Elijah Craig 12
George T Stagg (06 bottle... Oh lord!)
Georgia Moon (again for tasting eck)
Four Roses Small Batch (favorite of mine)
Four Roses SB

I guess I really like that Buffalo Trace water.

Anyways sorry for the lengthy intro, if there's any San Diego folks say hello. I've also been known to occasionally puff a Don Tomas Cameroon and a bonghit or two every now and then. Thanks for making this place such a wealth of knowledge and hope to one day contribute.

09-24-2008, 20:16
Enjoyed reading your first post, Welcome to the board.

Great selection you have tasted!

09-24-2008, 20:18
Chris, welcome! We like the lengthy intros it help us in knowing what you like and where you're at!

Sounds as if you Really like the BT and you can take that either way! (Trace or Tokes). You list is quite impressive for just getting started so enjoy the ride, the company here is great!

I look forward to your contribution.


09-25-2008, 08:51
Welcome! I'm not "from" San Diego, but was born there.

09-25-2008, 22:40
yeah I felt kind of strange when I visited the buffalo trace website and I realized all the juices I favored were coming from the same place. I'm always looking to try out some new flavors.

Sijan you ain't missing much SD is a little bubble, I was born and raised here. And really the only time I love San Diego is after my three week winter trip to Chatanooga to visit the in-laws (shutters)... Chatanooga ain't so bad though.:lol:

09-26-2008, 12:20
Greetings Chris.

Seems like you took to KY juice pretty quickly. Nice list too.

I'm a fan of many things Four Roses. The small batch is a favorite of mine as well, even though I only bought one bottle. It's at the right price (found one for $30) and has that solid "everyday pour" quality to it.

See you on the boards! And if you ever come up north, look us up.

09-26-2008, 21:18
Welcome to the site. Hitimes in you neck of the woods has good juice