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09-29-2008, 07:50

"Curiously, martial artists tend to like Scotch whisky, and other forms of whisky, not to mention beer, wine and various and sundry other type liquids.

Up to now there hasn't been a decent glass for whisky, not one that allows a proper grip, a solid base, a good opening for the nose and the right size for a decent dram. Well now here it is, by special arrangement with the Canadian distributor who happens to be an old friend and student of Sei Do Kai, we present the Glencairn whisky glass, the official whisky glass of the martial arts."

An odd combination but I can't argue with the glass. If must be very popular with this style - :)


"Drunken kung fu mimics the chaotic swaying and stumbling movements of a drunken person. Drunken kung fu techniques contain great force and power that is derived from the circular movements and the momentum of continuous, broad movements. Drunken kung fu is a very deceptive style which strikes out of the blue when the opponent is unprepared; it can also be used to lull the opponent into a false sense of security, thinking that the drunken fighter is in no fit state to defend themselves, or to tempt the opponent into making particular attack, beleiving that the drunken kung fu practitioner is unprepared for them."

10-07-2008, 17:16
Maybe "martial arts and vodka"


Look, a Red Star in the sky...it must be...Super Putin!!

Shoot...Putin only drinks beer....per Pravda of all sources.


"Vladimir Putin drinks nothing but beer, which he took liking to in Germany. Before he became the president, he used to empty his glasses into flowerpots on the sly."