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10-15-2008, 14:19
If theres anyone here from CNY, do you have any suggestions of places to look to find some of the older, or hard to come by bourbons? All the local liquor stores just carry the usual Beam, KC, MM, etc. None that I have been to have been open long enough to have any of the "dusty corner" finds that I've been looking for.

Also, do any online stores ship alcohol to NY? It wouldnt surprise me if they dont.

Thanks in advance.


10-16-2008, 03:47
Does CNY mean Central NY? If you are anywhere near Rochester, I would recommend Century liquors, they have a large selection of Bourbon. The last time I was there they still had some of the BTAC 2007 on the shelves.

10-16-2008, 04:22
Thanks for the tip. I dont go that way very often, but I have a relative in that area that I visit once in a while.

And yes, I did mean central NY. I live outside of syracuse and I've been looking at a bunch of the little backroads stores but they dont seem to have much selection. I'll be checking out Liquor Square this weekend on Erie blvd.


10-16-2008, 05:04
I don't know the area in Syracuse and countryside for bourbon (it is an excellent area for beer hunting though), but would advise to continue searching in stores in small towns and rural highways. Almost always in my experience such stores will have good stuff. E.g., Troy should have good prospects (this is more towards Albany, I know), places like that. Small towns on and between the Finger Lakes. Utica. Syracuse itself, too. Persistence is the key. I found some National Distillers Old Taylor not long ago somewhere east of Rochester.


10-16-2008, 05:52
Thanks Gary. I plan to search some stores his weekend.

I was surprised at the last store I checked out. It is less than a couple years old and they had Eagle Rare, JB rye, and Beams Choice green label. I know, nothing spectacular, but most places around here wouldnt bother to order those labels.

I live about 15 minutes from Oneida, so if there are any places that anyone knows of that arent too far away I'd be interested in checking them out. I might venture out into the Rome/Utica area, but only if I have to. SHady places they are.


10-16-2008, 17:29
I live in the Utica area and there are several places with a pretty good selecton here. Bremmers on Commercial Drive has the best and Seneca also has a good selection. As you mentioned earlier Liquor Square usually has a good bit on the shelves.

Ordering from the internet is probably the best way to get stuff you never see up north, and I have never had a problem getting anything shipped into NY. Also I find that many things that you want and are not stocked can be special ordered by local stores. I just picked up a bottle of WT AS that Bremmers ordered for me at a price I couldn't have matched on the internet!

On another note, are there any CNY'ers interested in getting a small group together once in a while for tastings?


10-16-2008, 17:43
I would be interested in getting together for a tasting. I really dont have much bourbon to contribute, but I could throw in some bucks as compensation maybe. It would be great to try out some of the brands that I've been reading about so much on the forum here.


10-18-2008, 17:28

Sounds good, any others? Two wont cut it and I know there are more than 2 bourbon lovers in CNY. PM me or post here, lets plan on an early December first meeting!