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10-27-2008, 12:36
Greetings from Chicagoland! I've been browsing around at a few local liquor stores looking for some dusties and hard-to-find items and happened to stumble across two bottles of Old Charter Proprietor's Reserve (slope-shouldered bottles from Louisville selling for $38.99) and a bottle of Weller Centennial which was priced at $40. I didn't get a good look at the latter bottle but I seem to recall that the outer box stated that it was part of the "Heritage Collection." As a matter of fact, there was also a bottle of I.W. Harper for $35 which was part of the same collection. My wife is already giving me the business about my many recent bourbon purchases, so spending the additional dough isn't going to make things any better, but my "inner bourbon voice" is telling me I had better pick these up while I can. Are these prices reasonable and do you think I should pounce on them? Thanks in advance for your input!

10-27-2008, 12:47
In my experience most of those started in the $25 range. The prices you stated seem a little high.

If you have not experienced a dusty bottle before...then pounce on one of them. If you find it worth the cost then pick up the rest of them.

I would put the BHC in this order...VSOF, OCPR, Weller, Harper and then Dickel. Though, I have not opened my Dickel and the Harper is a sentimental favorite.

10-27-2008, 13:01
Yes Uncle, listen to that inner bourbon voice and get them. The prices are about right for those. $40 may be a touch high for the Weller, but it's worth it. The prizes for you, are the two slope shouldered OCPR's, IMO. Unbelievably tasty stuff, there. If you need to sacrifice, leave the Harper. I've never been too impressed with that particular 15 yr.

Ya know, until she declares, "It's me, or the bourbon!", you're fine!! :D

Nice Finds!


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10-27-2008, 15:45
In MI, they were both around $35 each. Both are very good pours. I'd probably pay a little premium for the Weller if it is the Louisville distillation. If you enjoy good bourbon you will not be disappointed.

The Louisville distillation of the Weller is very hard to find in SE MI.

You can always ask "How badly to you want to get ride of that?" I do and it works more that 50% for the time but only when there is no state controlled price. When there is a state controlled minimum, I ask for the state price and have had success with that too. Of course, if a really want the bottle and the price is not too out of line I'll buy it either way.

Happy hunting.


10-27-2008, 17:48
If you can afford them all and you've never had them, get 'em. Get 'em all. If you want just two, pass on the Harper. If you can only go one, get the Louisville Centennial. Enjoy.


10-29-2008, 11:48
Thanks very much for the feedback and suggestions. I ended up buying one of the slope-shouldered OCPR's (there are still two left but I couldn't afford them all) and the Weller Centennial (Louisville). I was about to pull the trigger on the Very Special Old Fitzgerald BHC when I happened to notice an older bottle of Wild Turkey Rare Breed (1997 bottle without the turkey pictured on the label), so I got that instead for the same price. I'm likely to go back and get the VSOF as soon as I have the money but will probably pass on the I.W. Harper and Dickel BHC's that remain on the shelf. I seem to recall reading on another thread that the Louisville Weller Centennial is old Stitzel-Weller juice. Is that true? And does anybody know the origins of the VSOF?

By the way, I tried to bargain with the guy on the prices but he wouldn't bite. It was worth a try but in the end I paid $40 for the Weller, $39 for the OCPR and $37 for the Rare Breed. The VSOF is priced at $39, and as much as I'd like to have bought it, I also value keeping my head attached to my shoulders so decided against it for now to keep the wife from going nuts on me.

10-29-2008, 14:03
If you can afford them all and you've never had them, get 'em. Get 'em all. If you want just two, pass on the Harper. If you can only go one, get the Louisville Centennial. Enjoy.


My thoughts exactly. The Harper really is disappointing at that low of proof.

Yes Uncle the L'Ville Weller is S-W and in my opinion some of the best bang for the buck you'll ever find - if you get a chance do a side-by-side with Pappy20 and you'll understand. The VSOF origins are not for sure it may be S-W, may be partly S-W or may not be any S-W.

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10-29-2008, 16:25
Drinking is fun and bourbon is funny.

I W Harper is not a powerful drink, but it's a nice smooth drink. As I have said before it's a good starter or "start her" bourbon. Very pleasant and not over powering, after all it's only 80 proof. If you can get it at some bargain price it's worth the trip. I ran into a few bottles at a good price some time ago, I picked the up and I'm glad I did. As my wife said after taking a sip of it neat, wow, this is good. Need I say more?

10-29-2008, 18:22
I love the VSOF (drinking it right now actually) and the Centennial. Both are very hard to come by and the Centennial has been discontinued and will most probably end up rebranded at a much higher cost. $40 is high but I bet when that juice pops up under a van winkle label or something it'll be a lot higher.