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11-14-2008, 14:48
Hey Everyone!

So I've lurked and posted a little here and there, but I've finally come to the conclusion that I don't have enough friends or family to share my bourbon infatuation with. Thus, I'm going to spend some more time here learning and enjoying the journey.

I'm really pretty new at this, so please feel free to hammer me if I'm wrong on something. I've always been a whiskey fan but until July of this year, had no direction, just a general enjoyment. It started by attending a bourbon tasting at Morton's put on by Jim Beam and one of their "whiskey professors," who was an excellent presenter and left me with much more technical knowledge than I had before as well as some wonderful anecdotes. Funny thing is that my collection started there, with some Booker's and Knob Creek (my favorite utility), but has moved completely away from Beam and seems to be heavily weighted in the Buffalo Trace bottlings.

Don't have any friends who get my fascination, but my brothers and old man have been bitten by the same type of bug albeit a smaller one. So, I get all of the knowledge that I can online, mostly here and from what John on MA says. I also have found the staff of Hi-Time Wine and the local reps for Young's Market to be very gracious with their time.

That's my story, I hope that I can add something to the conversations around here once I'm tall enough to reach the bar. And if you ever find yourself in OC, I'll be happy to pour something for you from my young and modest cabinet.

11-14-2008, 15:47
Welcome!! I'm always happy to see other Southern Californians on the board. You've come to the right places. Between here, the Malt Advocate site and Hi-Time, you're well on your way.

11-14-2008, 16:08
Too bad you didn't come out of the woodwork 6 months ago, I got tired of SoCal and had to get out. Nonetheless Welcome to the site!! Enjoy...

11-14-2008, 18:04
Welcome to the site, another one for So Cal! I agree that not many here (So Cal) "get" bourbon. Mostly I run into single malt types. I gave that a shot, but why drink scotch when you can have bourbon!

Were you the one that pick up the last two bottles of '08 GTS from Bevmo in LN?


11-14-2008, 21:45
Thanks for the nice thoughts...

I failed to mention Vendomes in Placentia; smaller than Hi-Time, but Dave knows his stuff, especially on the wine side. Too bad they know how much to charge for the "been on the shelf forever" stuff.

I hear you on the single-malt; I think people around here are awfully worried about status and appearance, and single-malt means classy. And that was me at the LN Bevmo, thanks again for the tip! Whoever is buying for that store knows what they're doing: I stole a Willet 25 and the Stagg, but cried a little when I left a couple PVW20s ( one of my favs) and PVW15s, not to mention the Hirsch 16 (don't get the buzz there), the Vintages, Ritt23... I could blow a month's salary in that place!

11-17-2008, 10:10
Hay glad to meet you, I know what you mean about no friends or family that understand the Bourbon hobby. It's nice to come here each day and get other peoples views and tasting information.