View Full Version : Hello From Ontario & Corner Creek Reserve is @ LCBO

11-19-2008, 02:07
Hello Everyone. I am new to this forum and just want to say hi! Just to let everyone know our company handles Corner Creek Reserve in Canada and Russia. For those in Ontario, I am glad to tell you Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon comes back to the LCBO shelves on Dec 5th.

11-19-2008, 05:51
Welcome Ikon, I'm just across the river if you will, up near lake St. Clair. Do not make it to the LCBO as much as I did but thanks for the heads up. While your here let us know what you drink, what you like? Maybe how you got into the sales side of the industry? Do you drink Corner Creek of just sales?

Hope you enjoy it here, seems everyones journey through bourbon is quite different and we all start at different points. So grab a seat and a nice pour of something you like and let us know where you're at in you journey.

Kind regards,


11-19-2008, 20:54
Welcome Ikon, Glad you joined us. Looking forward to your posts. It's good to hear things from people in the industry, be it someone from a distillery, a distributor, a store owner, etc. Jump right in and start having some fun. Joe

11-20-2008, 03:20
Thanks for the Welcome. How my company became involved with Corner Creek and bourbon is we own a small Russian Vodka. Our friends in Russia were looking for a unique resonably priced boutique bourbon for the shops in Moscow. Through my work selling our vodka in the US (see avatar), I became friends 5 years ago with the makers of Corner Creek, who through several great nights of bourbon indulging convinced me that bourbon theirs and many others are indivdual, well crafted and exceptional to the spirits world. So that is how my company became involved in bourbon. The actual launch date of Corner Creek bourbon in Ontario is Dec 6th. I joined this forum to learn more about the true bourbon followers and also to get into the discussion as a bourbon convert.