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09-25-2000, 11:45
Check out the current issue of Stuff magazine. It has a beautifully photographed spread titled "Bourbon Warfare" with hilarious reviews of some of our favorites. The big 5 star winners were Woodford Reserve ..."a sipping whiskey with hints of maple and citrus that goes down smoother than a hippo on a Vaseline-greased Slip 'n' Slide", and Blanton's..."a holy hand grenade as solid as the bronze stallion fixed to its stopper". 4-stars went to Bookers ..."toenail-curling 127 proof should be sampled with a belly full of catfish and hushpuppies -- or else suffer a punch to the gut that'll leave you flatter than a post tornado trailer park", Maker's Mark, and Knob Creek..."spends 9 years in solitary confinement -- in virginal white oak barrels, charred more than the old Branch Davidian compound". Getting 3 stars were Wild Turkey Rare Breed..."this gobbler comes blazing out of the glass a-peckin' and a-scratchin' like a 24-pounder the day before Thanksgiving," and Bulleit..."has a salty aroma -- kind of like a shrimp basket at Red Lobster and can burn a hole though your chest the size of a cathead buicuit..."

But all joking aside, I kinda liked the Bulleit bottle. It has lots of character...frontier whiskey label and all. Any word on where to purchase it?

Cheers, Omar

09-25-2000, 16:46
> But all joking aside, I kinda liked the Bulleit bottle. It has lots of
> character...frontier whiskey label and all. Any word on where to purchase it?

I've been meaning to order some myself, but hear very, very conflicting things about it. But what the hell, it's cheap. http://www.spiritsusa.com has it, but I've never ordered from them before. Wanna guinea pig for us?


09-25-2000, 19:31
Good to see you back in the forum!
Bulleit Frontier had been test marketed in three states the past year (Ohio being one of them) its 90 proof, and I believe that it is currently or will be released nationally real soon. This product was one of the main attractions at the Four Roses display in the Kentucky bourbon Tasting and Gala. It was offered to sample in a nice tumbler made to look like the bottle.


09-25-2000, 22:10
The original Bulleit Bourbon was introduced a few years ago and was what I would call a vanity bottling. A guy decided he wanted to have his own bourbon brand, so he bought some bourbon from Buffalo Trace (then Ancient Age), put it in bottles that were intended to look like designer cologne bottles, and put it on the market. His advertised point of difference was that it was "engineered" bourbon, which was just a reference to the fact that AA has masonry warehouses and temperature cycles them during winter to speed up the aging process. Hardly a new thing. Everybody with masonry warehouses does it

Anyway, then it dropped out of sight. So is this the same guy? And is he now operating under the auspices of Seagrams/Four Roses?

--Chuck Cowdery (http://cowdery.home.netcom.com)

09-26-2000, 13:48
Linda, John

Thanks for update on Bulleit. So, this is a Four Roses product I guess.-

Awaiting John's review of the 23-year-old Pappy. I just bought the 20 yo. and want to know how they compare. Please give it a bad review so I don't have to shell out $150!!! Most of what I have read says it's not as good as its younger sibling. However the Brit magazine Whisky recently gave a review of 19 great bourbons and one of the two writers called it an "improvement over the legendary 20 yo."

John, what say ye?

Cheers, Omar

09-27-2000, 20:16
It came in 90 proof and "Thoroughbred" 100 proof versions. We have both in our collection. And the bottle, which did look a little like cologne with the label, was that same square english liquor bottle that Wathen's and Weller Centennial use. The 90 proof was passable, the hundred sits around the bottom of my admittedly high scale of acceptability. The Seagram's version is different. Although it's not my favorite style, at least it does have a character. It's a rough-and-tumble character and it really does evoke the sort of "red-eye" one might imagine being served in the Long Branch Saloon. If that's what you want in a bourbon, well then, this is your whiskey, Mister.

Judging from the prose on the little neck-hangy thing, I think it's the same guy. At least I did think so until I saw how much brand identification Four Roses is giving this product. It really was the feature at their gala pavillion. Then again, considering what the only other bourbon they sell in America tastes like...


09-27-2000, 20:26
Hi Omar!

Okay, real quick... What you've read is correct. The 23 is very scarce and that's the main reason it gets that price. It's really good bourbon, but so are others that cost less than a third that much. The 20 is another story entirely. Nothing tastes even remotely like it, wouldn't you agree? Both Linda and I really disliked it at first. She still does, but it grew on me very quickly and I really enjoy it now. Now comes the kicker... it's just as scarce as its older brother. In fact, the stores where I used to see it are now running out. There will be no more. Julian has another 20 year old that will be released later this year, I believe. We've tasted it twice now, the last time being at the Bourbon-Tasting gala where he was featuring it at the RVW pavillion. It's very very good, but it's also very different. You'll probably want both, but once the current stock is gone, that's it for that one.