View Full Version : MMM, RR rye and coke

RM High
11-23-2008, 21:20
I am not a big fan of drinking rye straight, but it seems to go well with diet coke.....ok, I am a pansy...:rolleyes:

Dr. François
11-25-2008, 23:09
In my mind, there's no bad way to enjoy whiskey.

To not enjoy it is the only crime.

Give it a shot with a good ginger ale. Ginger and Rye is a classic pairing. Diet ginger ale ain't bad.

11-26-2008, 12:56
i don't know, i am afraid (?) i might possibly start liking neat (quality!) rye whiskey over bourbon!

i had a one-night stand with a wheater....or two....but i am starting to shy away from the sweetness...

and i find another SORT of 'sweetness' in both rye spiciness...and even high rye bourbons.