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11-26-2008, 12:48
there seem to be more (and more) products coming from SHINER...maybe they are just competing (new labels are well designed....).

i still think the bock is their best, but i just got the pre-100 celebration Helles Lager...and it's good. a bit sweet though.

not sure if my bourbonized tongue is changing my beer taste buds...i am starting like the more hoppy beers and no longer finding pleasure in the belgian type ales...

also got the new Shiner 'Black' Lager....haven't tried it yet.

Dr. François
11-26-2008, 14:29
The Black Lager has been around for quite a while. I really enjoy it.

I agree: Shiner Bock is a simple, straightforward beer with decent body and good flavor. It's slightly more complex than most American pale lagers, but still light enough to enjoy on a hot day. Read: it's a perfect beer for Texas.

I miss the late 90's...I used to get 12 packs of Shiner for under 9 dollars. Now 6-packs are almost that much.

11-26-2008, 14:53
yes, shiner is the quintessential TEXAS german/czech beer to PENNSYLAVANIA's yuenging....a notch above the glut. good to excellent everyday beer. way beyond Anheuser.....sort of what Beam is to whiskey...:rolleyes:

i get a sense of quality from the suds/bubbles....look at the A-Busch suds...big ole bubbles....soapy looking.

still, nothing compares to the visual pour of a guiness draft. nothing. that's an art!

11-26-2008, 14:54

at least this 6 pack was simply $6...:grin:...in no tax Delaware

dave ziegler
11-30-2008, 17:46
I have to go to Delaware to get Shiner but I sure love the Black Lager and the Bock is a wonderful Beer. Shiner has become one of my all time favorite beers to drink!
Dave Z
Beer Its Not Just A beverage Beer Is Food

12-01-2008, 16:41
the black lager i just tried WAS very good! it was the closest i've had to a Guinness draft.....if anything, it was a cross between the mellow drinkability of the bottled/canned 'draft' and the old school bottle of Guinness.

still, the bock is my favorite of the shiners...always refreshing. of the semi-Macro breweries, i'd say it and Yuengling lager are tops

12-03-2008, 15:04
I have tried all of the Shiner beers, including most of their anniversary versions, and the Bohemian Black Lager is my favorite. It's very nice.