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11-28-2008, 09:57
Greetings, all. And for those of you from distant lands, be envious. Be VERY envious, for I live in Lexington, Kentucky, and only a few miles away from The Liquor Barn.

Oddly enough, I did NOT drink Bourbon for most of my life. This was due to having "overindulged" in the stuff during my first college drinking experience. I should have known better, since my Dad, a Scotch drinker, had never forbidden the stuff at home. As I prayed to the porcelain goddess for forgiveness the morning after, she imposed a curse on me, which was to make the very odor of Bourbon distasteful to my nostrils for many years.

Happily, however, that period of purgatory is now past, and I am able once again to savour the Nectar of the Bluegrass. You can believe me when I tell you that I am making up for lost time here.

While I cannot claim my taste to be very sophisticated, I would describe my goal as that of finding affordable potables that can be enjoyably sipped either neat or on the rocks without gagging or making funny faces. I enjoy getting a certain "bang for my buck", but I'm always willing to pay a little more for quality. I look for 90 proof or better. Why carry home water?

So far, favorites include:

Wild Turkey 101
Fighting Cock 103
Old Grand Dad 100
Old Forester 86

I'm anxious to try:

W. L. Weller (SR & 107)
Old Forester Signature
George Dickel Tennessee Whiskey

Other notes:

I really like the Wild Turkey 101 Rye.

I've also tried Very Old Barton 100 and Evan Williams 86. Counter to most opinions, I find the Evan Williams to be a pleasant enough pour for the price. I'm less than impressed with the VOB, but the price makes it difficult to ignore. Maybe I'll develop more of a taste for it with time. I'm certain I'll keep it around for friends who will only smoother it will Pepsi anyway. I'm also certain that the VOB would taste lots better if they were to change the bottle and the label to something a bit more unique or impressive. As it is, the label's kinda tacky lookin'. :slappin:

What more can I say? So many Bourbons ... so little time!!!


11-28-2008, 11:24
Welcome to SB.com.
I am truly jealous, because I lived in Lexington for the last 12 years, recently relocating back to NY.
I miss my beloved Ancient Ancient Age, Very Old Heavy Hill and the Van Winkles at very reasonable prices.

I was unsuccessful in my attempt to taste every bourbon in ten years, but damn if I didn't give it my best.

11-28-2008, 14:33
Welcome Alan, and yes I'm envious of the place you call home. I've been down for the KBF the last two years and can't wait to come down again. Kentucky is a wonderful state. (and not just because of the bourbon) As far as recommendations go, I like anything with Weller on it. Eagle Rare is one of my favorites too. One inexpensive pour you might try, is JTS Brown. A nice pour at a very reasonable price. Look forward to your posts. Once again, welcome, and let the fun begin. :woohoo: Joe

Special Reserve
11-28-2008, 15:53

Welcome to SB. I'm glad the goddess of the porcelain is not allowing you to enjoy the "Nectar of the Bluegrass".

I really like that line, I'll be using it in the future.


11-28-2008, 18:55
Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone.

Joe, I really do look forward to trying the Weller because of all the great things I've read and heard. I originally bought it because a friend of mine seems to like the wheaters, and I hate to see him spending so much for Maker's Mark. It's still unopened, but time's-a-comin'.

Thanks for all the suggestions.