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dave ziegler
12-15-2008, 06:28
Well this weekend my friend from Ny had went to CT for me last week and got me 4 cases of Narragansett and I found out they are having their Bock Bottled now to! Well I got him to order one case and I had 3 so far and I like it so dam much I am going to have him get me a couple more cases in Late Jan when he stopes back my way. I also got an e mail from Narragansett that their Porter will soon be available in bottles at distributers in NE! Also the Narragansett Bock is contract brewed by a Brewery Called Cottrell Brewing in Pawcatuck Ct and has the Old Pop caps instead of the screw off like regualar Narragansett Has. So Gary Give this one a try it is Awesome also "Jesskidden" do you have any Info on Cottrell Brewing as when I want to know these things if anyone knows you do!

I just saw on the Web That their Beer is old Yankee Ale so if anyone has had that give me let me know what it is like.
Dave Z
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12-16-2008, 05:22
Don't really know anything about Cottrell beyond what's on their website, which I take it you found .

Some of the other Narragansett beers (other than the Lager and Light brewed by High Falls) have been brewed by RI's Trinity Brewpub (http://www.trinitybrewhouse.com/)- I guess the draught versions of the Bock and the Porter? Looks like the new owners of 'Gansett are considering abandoning the "retro/revival" aspect of the beers, because there were rumors of a "Narrangansett Cranberry Kolsch".

I'd much rather see a revival of Croft Ale and Pickwick Ale. I really miss nice hoppy golden ales- and that brewery specialized in them, with those two and, of course, Ballantine XXX Ale and the short-lived Ballantine Brewer's Gold Ale.

Speaking of Narragansett, I came across an interesting story from the mid-1990's in which the brewmaster of another RI brewpub, Union Station, "tours" the abandoned Narragansett brewery- which closed without notice, leaving personal items on desks and full bottles still on the bottling line over a decade later.

LAST CALL AT NARRAGANSETT (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3469/is_n11_v46/ai_16762761/pg_1?tag=artBody;col1)

One more reason to avoid the products of the "Pabst Brewing (sic) Company"- the horrible way over the years they've treated their employees and retirees- from all their now-closed breweries of Pabst, Pearl, Falstaff and General . Even worse than what they've done to their beers.