View Full Version : Creme Brulee

10-09-2002, 17:35
Does anyone have a good recipe for bourbon creme brulee? Leslie and I are wanting to try this. I make a great vanilla bean creme brulee. Is it as simple as adding a tablespoon or two of bourbon to the custard?

10-09-2002, 21:32
Try using your favorite bourbon to make vanilla 'extract' and use THAT to make your favorite recipe for creme brulee. Split a vanilla bean, scrape the seeds out into a small jar, and add 4 oz bourbon. Shake the jar daily, it'll be ready to try in 3 days or so. Use 2 vanilla beans and make twice as much as you need now, an aged batch will be mo' bettah. Dry out your vanilla beans afterwards and put 'em in your sugar bowl for 'vanilla sugar'.

10-15-2002, 20:14
My wife has made creme brulee and she has poured a little bourbon into it while making it... Tasted good...